My name is Jeffrey Luppes. For most of my online presence I use the handle @jeffluppes, mainly because I like it more - there’s also another individual with the same name in the US and this helps people tell us apart - I am not a professor of the German Language.

I am currently working as a data scientist and machine learning engineer for Atos. My main focus is NLP - Natural Language Processing. Previousy I obtained a master in Data Science from the Radboud University Nijmegen. I wrote a master thesis on the use of convolutional neural networks for short text problems with applications to fraud detection. Link. Prior to that I did a bachelor degree in Software Engineering at Groningen (Hanzehogeschool Groningen) and my bachelor thesis at TNO.

I have a high interest in data science applications, particularly when they may have an impact on society and better our lives. I come from a programming background and I credit having a more hands-on approach to it.

You can reach out to me on my LinkedIn or via jeffluppes[at]gmail.com

I also kayak a lot and love being outside - being on my ATB or hiking and enjoying the sight. You can even find me out on the North Sea but mostly anywhere on flatwater in the Netherlands. I am an assistant instructor and like to organize kayaking trips - either solo, or as a group leader. I also publish kayaking videos and articles on http://www.jeffreykajakt.com

My dream is to undertake long expeditions by kayak - such as circumnavigating Iceland or Ireland.

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