An actual Hello World

I just got Hexo up and running and it seems to work smoothly. I was pretty excited to find a blog based on node.js and coming from a world of Wordpress it was amusing that people actually ported Wordpress themes to Hexo. Normally I would have preferred a much more minimalistic skin, but as I hope to post about outdoors stuff too, I figured I could use some color in my theme.
The Hexo logo.

Why the hell did you choose Hexo though?

I’ll admit it. I’m not someone who usually adopts software if there isn’t a great community supporting it. As Hexo‘s community is mostly Chinese (?) it could be hard to get English-language help, but configuring Hexo was easy and just a little bit of command line stuff. Editing is easy, too. And I couldn’t really find a reason not to go for it!

Does the world really need another student building yet another blog?

Perhaps not, but the further I get in my career the more important it gets to have something that can be googled. Plus: I like writing as much about code and the things I do as I do making things. Creativity needs to be let out for both processes.

Why don’t you post in Dutch though?

I guess I will eventually, it’d be gezellig.

And what about your old Wordpress site?

Wait, that’s still around?

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